whensheflies: (tell me a tale)

why did we get stuck with such a difficult heroine?

irises of jade, built to persuade

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Name:when she flies

medusa smiles, judas lips
open arms and fingertips
love bites and recompense
i'll be with you until the end
let's walk through the fire together
disappear in the golden sands

it's like the sound of winter

About Me:
I like travel. I like home.
I read. I write. I create.
I find fantasy a lovely escape.
Here, you'll find a walking contradiction.

i'm a lot like this guy.

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all things classical, ancient egypt, androgyny, being a pirate, bloodbending, capslocky!harry, caramel tim tams, coach whore, coffee, drunken wii parties, epics, fanfic, fantasy world building, fr. fire & brimstone, ganymede, greek mythology, gryffindor at heart, jacob loves you, james norrington, jears, keira knightley girlcrush, lie low with lupin, lightsaber envy, lisbeth salander, lost marathons, margarita making, model envy, oceanic flight 815, people watching, pirates of the caribbean, post-azkaban sirius, pretty boys, remus/sirius, rome, rp, secondhand bookstores, slashy goodtimes, slytherin too, sokka style, sparky-sparky boom man, spontaneous combustion, tarantino films, terre de ange, that thing you love, the vintner's luck, traveling with australians, unhappy endings, voldemort eats puppies, wanderlust, whatliesintheshadowofthestatue, xas, yip yip
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